Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life Would Be Meaningless If We Can Return Back To Past

It is veracious that you cannot modify the past and impossible to return back to manipulate the things as you wanted it to happen because it's gone. If we can retrieve the past, life would be meaningless with no excitements and surprises. 

Nothing in this world is white and transparent, if you expect to be like that, then you will be hurting yourself, which will shadow your potential to explore the real world. Rather, it can be engrossing if you believe every positive and negative part of life and dare to move on. Doubtlessly, a tiny little thing can change your surrounding spectacularly and you can remorse for what you did and said. Sometimes, you may want to go back and remove all its existences. At the same time you will realize things have transformed so much with no possibility to erase it. However, there is nothing thing to self-disgust, that was all because you felt and liked that way at that time. And, it is not essential every feeling will last longer or even if it is there in your heart, its better  to leave behind to be happy in the present and embrace tremendous privileges of the future. 

Learning from your own mistakes without repeating again is substantially crucial. Try to give your best everyday which can help you to grow as a better person in every stage of your life. The only thing that you can turn is your future. Make it marvelous with appropriate plan; it’s all in your hand. Just grab it and don’t let it go from your reach. 

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