Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Journey to America-I

There is an old saying, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.” So always give yourself a deadline for achieving these goals. Every year, look back at these goals and see how you are doing. Don’t be hard on yourself if you haven’t made as much progress as you had hoped. Just resolve to achieve your goals.
We never know where life will take us, we just need to keep on running. Everything happens for a reason, so those people who enjoy today, enjoy in future as well.
America has always been the dream for me and luckily I got chance to be here. I was very excited when I landed. I arrived around 10-11 pm (don’t remember actual time); since it was night time I was unable to explore exactly how it looks like. Then, next day morning my husband took me for a drive, when I came outside I could feel the cold air and could see the ice on the ladder and roads which was starting to melt. Actually, Snow fall occurred in Texas (which occurs very rarely) just the day before I arrived here, I missed that snowfall. Even though, I was lucky enough to feel the residue. When we moved out of our apartment area, there was a gate, when we went closer it opens automatically, my husband was not using remote to open this and there were no guards to open, I started being curious and asked him how it works, he replied me, it’s because of censor. Then, we came out of our colonial area into the road, I was surprised again and I cannot take my eye away from the road. Really, at that time I was not viewing scene around. I never thought road can be one of the primary need for the country to be developed. I took long deep breathe; and started saying it’s the reason why Nepal is lagging behind. Afterward, days keep on going, but every time when I used to go outside I always keep on asking same question to my husband, can you guess what was that…I can’t see any people walking around. I used to ask where people are? Literally, I can count them on my finger and hardly few people that I can see. What I can see is just the cars on the road. Each family member used to have their own car. After that, I realize why they would walk if they have their own personal vehicle for transportation with big road like that. No public transportation is available here. Again, I thought to learn driving is a primary thing over here, if I can’t drive I will be unable to start, and will stay behind in this competitive world of opportunity. I have my own ambition and dream of life as other ambitious people. Without accomplishing that, my life would be incomplete. According to Dr. Maslow, after fulfilling physiological or basic need, safety, security, love and belonging, all we need is self-esteem and self-actualization. So, I planned to learn driving and wanted to begin race of my own life. Actually Race is not always to win but it is for those who keep on running. Now, finally I decided to practice driving but here I was not supposed to drive without learner permit even in open areas. To get learner permit we have to study traffic rule and should give written exam first, only after passing that exam I can practice driving. Then, I studied all rules although these rules are totally new for me, when I was ready we went to driving license office; and came to know under 25 age need to take online driving course; that was the rule of Texas. I took that exam because I have no option either. Finally, I was able to practice driving because I got my learner permit. I used to practice my driving in alternate days after my husband come back from office and sometimes in weekend. After a month, on Friday we went driving office but unfortunately I failed my test. At that time I was not so serious about failing the exam and thought why not to give another try. Again, I went there on Monday since it was not supposed to open on weekend, I had waited 2 days from my last exam. and failed my test again. I felt horrible this time, panicked, cried and felt like I could not be able to success further. Lost my hope and thought this place is not for me and I will never pass the test. But felt okay after counseling of my husband. Again after a month, I went for driving test with lots of hope because this time I was determined and confident. In test, I drove well on the road and return back to driving office with examiner sitting on my side. Examiner told me to park my car on parking lot. And I started praying like, please god! I don’t want to come here again. As a result, He congratulates me and told me that I have passed. I blinked heavily, Where were the trumpets???  My husband was waiting outside, I ran out of car and I started saying in a loud voice, I did it finally and hugged him. I can see the happiness in his face; after all he was my driving teacher. Now, I do not need to wait my husband come back home from office to go out. I can go to library, grocery, shopping mall, volunteering and work…..anywhere myself to those places.

Main thing what I learned from life is never gave up your hope, if you are dedicated to achieve your goal; of course you will accomplish it.Wisdom is gained through failure.How many times have you failed at something? It doesn't really can't change the past.People who failed before they succeeded; Albert Einstein did not speak till age of four,he did not read till age of seven.He was mentally slow,unsociable and adrift forever in foolish dream,his teacher asked him to quit,saying"Einstein, you will never amount to anything." but He won 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics."Try not to become man of success but rather to become man of value". Charles Darwin who gave up a medical cancer.His dad told him "you care for nothing but shooting, dogs and rat catching". Charles Darwin became father of Modern Biology.Walt Disney;Disneyland was rejected by the city of Anaheim,he was bankrupt several times. All our dream comes true, if we have courage to pursue them.Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.


  1. Hi Prasanna...conz for your effort...keep it up...

  2. Congratulation Di... It's a kinda of inspiration for me heaps of thanks for this.. N al da best for yr future...

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