Friday, August 10, 2012

What is life?

 Life is like a mysterious game. Till now, I am unable to figure out what it exactly is? But what I believe is, it is really a miracle and nobody knows what will turn out next. Some time it gives us more than we deserve, whereas at the meantime it demolishes our precious moment with intolerable pain.

It is just the matter of time, it will slew without realizing how smashing it was. In reality, we always kindle to pursue a great life with limitless fascination by scheming for the perfect days to come. However, this is just an obsession of mind which is never going to happen. More you outline more it will get complicated. Despite this also we cannot prevent ourselves from doing so. We are deceiving to our own feelings by not listening for what we want to be. There is nothing divine in this world, instead it just leads us towards disorientation. Profound fact is that we are sacrificing everything from the starting and becoming auxiliary of the circumstances.

Indeed, there is nothing and none to strife for. We are responsible for our own actions and everything depends on our own adjudication for what we wanted to be. Eventually, either that may lead towards revered feeling or may imposed to harrow ordeal. Anyway, we should be privileged for what we have achieved till now, who knows our present intends will be lucrative in future.

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