Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Believe In Yourself To Overcome The Worst Circumstances

This world is indubitably egocentric. So do not hesitate to plan and think about yourself. You can never satisfy other yearning with any bid. If you open your heart and try to please others then also they will rarely be contended. It is better not to grow false hope on your mind by thinking that one day they will be fascinated by your work. More you attempt brings more tears in your eyes. Just be yourself and move on. If you do so, that makes you strong and ultimately you can deal with others. The core is to delight your own zeal which will certainly reflect on your face. After that only, you can tackle with the world and its creatures with a smiling gesture.

Basically, this universe is opportunistic in nature that will leave you blind and behind. After achieving their motives, they will not even look back and say I am here because of you.  Now you have time to think wisely and plan accordingly, so that you do not need to regret in the future. It is almost like a ripen fruits; they will enjoy it until they can eat and throw the seeds. My words may seem bewilder and self- indulgent but it is very reality, which people will realize while they are alone in the darkness and none shows the right way to go. Every people looks appealing from arbitrary like a halo. Before falling in that trap and not considering whatever the situation is, just concentrate on what is your goal in life and go through it. Sometimes it may be overwhelming and you may get lost somewhere with no destination. Nonetheless, do not get panicked, instead explore the way with a broad horizon. No matter if you see darkness everywhere, ensue even if you find a dim light. That will definitely lead you towards your destination.

All the famous figure of earth is renowned because of their achievement in life and their ability to change the human lives. At the beginning, absolutely they did what they thought and aimed that lead them successful to climb the mountain of life. People realized and admired their work only because that is useful to them. Likewise, despite the surroundings and the consequences innovative people invented and succeeded because they did not scramble, but pursue ahead behind their dream without hesitating to perceive any results. In fact,  you are the only one who can convince yourself. Thus, if you are afraid to convince yourself to pursue your dream by accepting the challenges and hindrances of your path, then none ever will know how much potential you hold and what you are. All in all, do not change your identity for what you are in any circumstances, once you give up, you will end up with nothing and there will be just emptiness in life. Maneuver the graceful life beyond the deadlock and negotiate with your prospective of life because at the end of the day your own happiness matters than anything else.

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