Friday, December 7, 2012

My Especial Message for H4 Visa Holders

The majority of people throughout the world have a dream to come America. Since it is the country of immigrants, everybody feel safe to be here. Despite this fact, if you are the one like me in H4 status, it must be heart wrenching for you to pass even a single moment in the United States. This country is set up in such a way that whoever comes here carry a big dream. Yes, I was one of them, but unfortunately for a moment my dream was totally broken into pieces because of my status. Although I knew that coming United States in H4 status would prohibit me from working and earning even a single dollar, I never took it seriously because I believed in myself. My ambition to achieving more induced me to assert that those narrow words cannot bind my vision of life. My pursuit of experiencing American dream made me unsighted for a moment. After coming here, there was a moment when I was panicked, frustrated and depressed because of not being able to make my life self-sustainable as I had wished for. However, later on I realized everything happens for a reason. In fact, coming America was not an accident, but was a privileged opportunity for me.
It is a human nature to expect more than what we have already accomplished in our life, which is obviously not a negative aspects of being human being. Your willingness to achieve more will help you explore more opportunities in your life. If you look back towards happy and sad moment or successes and failures in your life, then this will provide the clue for what you have achieved and what things are still left to be achieved. If you are prudent, you can use the lesson from your past which will assist you to climb one more step in the ladder of your life. I was not stable kind of person who liked to sit in home doing nothing. Even though, I was not sure where I want to see myself after certain year, I always know that what I will or what I am going to do next after finishing my present task. My journey of America begins by achieving driving license, which I had mentioned in the initial post of my blog "My Journey to America I". After, I passed RN licensure exam from Texas Board of Nursing, I started researching articles related to nursing and shortages of nursing in the United States.
During this journey, I began writing my blog, which helped me realize that I enjoyed writing and researching. Additionally, I engaged myself working as a volunteer and participated several free seminars/training related to healthcare and nursing. I got opportunity to meet really the incredible people who had inspired and appreciated my work. However, after certain time I felt like what next? I cannot deny the fact that I will not be able to spend my whole life by doing volunteering work, somewhere the feelings of not having productive life used to kill me. I was slowly understanding how it felt to be dependent and not allowed to work (because of H4 status) despite your expertise in the most demanding field. Initially, I did not take seriously for the crisis that I was going through and questioned myself why I am thinking like this?, Is it only me in such situation?, why even a small thing irritates me?, etc. Then, after seeking helps from my former teachers, friends, family, relatives and similar interest groups, I made determination to pursue master degree. At this time, when I turn around and look back for each and every phase, I feel that these moments of ups and downs matters a lot to me and these experiences have been lucrative to me.
Despite whining for what you cannot do in your H4 status, you can make your journey of America worthwhile by engaging yourself in some sort of activities which you really enjoy doing most. Indeed, blaming yourself that you cannot do anything because you are not given permission to work is just an excuse, but not a reason for impeding your potential. You just need to set broad horizon to open the door of your own scope and to enlighten the prospective of being you.
"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."
                                                                      -Albert Einstein

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