Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some Strategies for memorizing Medicines in NCLEX-RN Exam

Are you able to figure out in which area you are staggering while preparing for your NCLEX-RN exam?
If it is in Pharmacology, then this post is for you. Most of the students may find difficulty in memorizing the name of medications, its side effects and indications. Indeed, it is really heard to memorize all the stuffs at a time. You have to manage your time very smartly because you are not supposed to dedicate all of your time for the medications. You also need to distribute your time to understanding the reduction risk potential, physiological adaptation, basic care and comfort, effective care environment, health promotion and maintenance and psychosocial integrity.
Planning your time is very crucial in the exam preparation. I am telling you this because I already implemented this strategy and succeeded in this NCLEX-RN exam. While I was preparing for the exam, I struggled in pharmacological area. I tried to memorize all the information about medication as I can. After I knew I was struggling in this area I spent my week just reading about the medications. Next week after studying other topics instead of pharmacology and I came back again to recall medications but I did not remember as I expected. Then, I realize this method of studying is not going to work for me. Despite my great effort on that area; I was not able to memorize it, that made me frustrated
However, I did not give up enhancing my knowledge on medications. I started seeking advice of my seniors for the improvement. If you are struggling for anything, it is okay to ask for help. If you have any relatives, friend and family who have already experienced that situation, then they can help you to find the easy way for you. I also did the same and till now I do not afraid to ask for help and do not hesitate to say ‘I don’t know’ if I am unaware of situation. Usually, if you ask anything with your seniors, they will love to provide you good advice than the friends. Also, it is you to determine which style will work for you. Every individual is different with their own way of doing and thinking.
Moreover, one of my senior gave me really a good suggestion to study pharmacology. After that I promised myself to study seven page of medicine every day and spent rest of the time of the day to other subjects too. After finishing all pages of pharmacology section, I repeated this process again. Surprisingly, by the end of three month, I was able to memorize all the medicine which I read and also did not miss to study other sections. Actually, I did not remember anything while I finished my first round but in second and third round I was comfortable and took less time in reading than before.
Keep in mind, in the NCLEX-RN exam they will not ask you the Side Effects, Contraindication, Uses directly. You have to use your critical thinking skills to answer all questions in the exam. For this, it is essential to understand the action of drug and its specific indications. Just imagine Hospital work environment while studying and try to see if I give this drug to that patient what I need to consider. This technique may help you to memorize the distinct feature of the drugs. In addition, herbal medications are also important for NCLEX-RN exam, so do not miss to read them too.
Thank you for reading.

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